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Will Technology Kill the Call Center?


The traditional call center is dead – meet the new contact center. All the panel experts agree that we live in an instant gratification society where consumers expect to be able to reach a company through their touch point of choice. The faster the response, the better the consumer’s experience. Brands that can best leverage multiple channels or touch points will be the clear winners!

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The Changing Consumer [Infographic]


When was the last time you decided to get in touch with your cable company or bank? How did you do it? If you’re like most people, you picked up your phone and dialed their number. Your parents and grandparents probably did the same. Nothing will ever take the place of a human being’s voice.

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Interning at Drumbi


A week ago, I began my summer internship at Drumbi. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, especially since it is a start up company. I’ve been to the large corporations and law firms my parents have worked at, but haven’t been exposed to any startups, besides seeing their depictions in movies like The Social Network and Pirates of Silicon Valley.

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People's Choice Award


After a beautifully delivered heart-to-heart from our CEO Mr. Talieh, we were able to capture the attention of a few Synergy participants who were curious about the first Citrix Accelerator batch. There was really no competition, in the sense that every Accelerator team member was rooting for the other and vise versa. Shout outs to, Unifyo, Primio and Core Mobile for bringing down the house.

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The Kids Do Stand a Chance


On the night of November 22nd, ICS/Engineering students from UCI gathered for the first ever “Appjam.” This event consisted of 9 teams battling neck and neck to see who can build a fully functioning mobile application in a week’s time. The only requirements were to create an app that would improve the life of UCI students academically, professionally, and socially.

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