The Kids Do Stand a Chance


There is something brewing in the quiet, but smart campus of UCI. It’s not quite Stanford, but it’s less pretentious and rather communal.


On the night of November 22nd, ICS/Engineering students from UCI gathered for the first ever “Appjam.” This event consisted of 9 teams battling neck and neck to see who can build a fully functioning mobile application in a week’s time. The only requirements were to create an app that would improve the life of UCI students academically, professionally, and socially.

I won’t get into the logistics of the event, because I’d much rather give praises to the ICS council for directing the students in the right direction. It’s one of my greatest fears that bright, young individuals would not harness their talents to create things. It was remarkable to see those who were more younger, and more experienced lead the team. It was even more moving to see those that weren’t familiar with the Android SDK, try their best to contribute to the overall app design. This is a beautiful thing; contrary to popular belief, teamwork also happens in real life. The most successful people plan out strategic partnerships ahead of time, because they know they won’t be able to grow otherwise.

Last night was a promising first step to change the perspective of students who are too afraid to try. I beg the pioneers of this movement to be evangelists for others; lead by example and pave the way for those who need you. By the way, as a word of advice…”time” should never be an excuse.

Special shout out to the winners “Time 2 Go,” who built an app that would remind students how long it’d take for them to travel to a certain class. I wish you were around when I was running from Jack in the Box to MSTB…




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