The Changing Consumer [Infographic]


When was the last time you decided to get in touch with your cable company or bank? How did you do it? If you’re like most people, you picked up your phone and dialed their number. Your parents and grandparents probably did the same. Nothing will ever take the place of a human being’s voice.

The comfort of someone’s voice telling you that you have been heard, or that your problem has been resolved can’t be replaced.

But things are changing. You can now Tweet a complaint to your bank. You can like a post on your cable company’s Facebook page. Social media is not just for connecting with friends and family anymore. Smartphones and asynchronous communications, like SMS, Tweeting and posting to Facebook, are the tools for this change. Because of it, we’re now connected more than ever. Instantly.

Will businesses be ready to take on this change? The answer is they have no other choice. It’s going to happen whether they like it or not.

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