People's Choice Award


peoples choice award

After a beautifully delivered heart-to-heart from our CEO Mr. Talieh, we were able to capture the attention of a few Synergy participants who were curious about the first Citrix Accelerator batch. There was really no competition, in the sense that every Accelerator team member was rooting for the other and vise versa. Shout outs to, Unifyo, Primio and Core Mobile for bringing down the house.

One of the most memorable lines that Shervin gave seemed to really resonate with the audience: “Cut your call center costs by $50 dollars per Customer Service Representative, per day.”

That’s definitely one to take back to your Monday meeting and ponder about.

What if that was indeed just the tipping point? Can you really put a cost on great customer service? With sites like Yelp organically evolving to a direct “suggestion” platform (more specifically, a negative suggestions platform), can business owners truly afford to oversee the new world order that is to come? It’ll be exciting to see who catches on to the trend and adjusts accordingly. I hope that all companies will realize that their Acquisition costs are directly correlated to their existing customer service platform — or lack thereof.

Thank you for everyone who voted for Drumbi as the Citrix Synergy’s “People’s Choice”. It signifies that even enterprise folks can understand the importance of building a user-centric products. By the way, if you happened to miss the live stream that I did (via my iPhone) of Shervin speaking on stage, I’ve archived the video for your viewing pleasure: View Shervin’s Talk


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