Customer Disservice [Infographic]


Great customer service is fashionable these days. Everyone wants to be the Zappos, Hilton, or JetBlue of their own industry. But, pretending to be accessible and friendly, while actually holding customers hostage to holdtimes and confusing call menus is customer disservice.

“Good enough” is no longer good enough.

Customer service is failing consumers. According to an American Express survey, 60 percent of Americans don’t think companies have sought to improve their customer service over the years. In fact, more than a quarter of Americans believe that companies are actually paying less attention than they used to. Either way, it’s costing some serious bucks.

In the age of the social customer–people who are capable of widely distributing their frustrations and influincing an entire network’s buying behavior–it is dangerous for a company to assume it would be too expensive to delight their cutomers with a great experience.

So, why are so many companies satisfied with leaving their customers dissatisfied? Maybe they don’t know how easy it would be to put the customer in control of their experience.

customer disservice

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